Job Candidate Do’s & Don’ts

4 months ago
We are often asked by our clients as well as prospective job candidates for our view on where candidates typically come up short in the vetting process. The answer is simple…it depends. Yes, that response is terribly evasive and unhelpful. Instead, we have attempted to address the question here by compiling a list of candidate […]
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Looking for the perfect lift-out? Here’s why it may not exist...

Looking for the perfect lift-out? Here’s why it may not exist…

9 months ago
Many of our asset management clients frequently express interest in exploring potential lift-outs of investment teams or individual portfolio managers. In an industry characterized by innovation as well as continued margin pressures, having scale and a clearly-defined future growth strategy is more important than ever. The ideal lift-out scenario sought is virtually always the same…the […]
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Concentriq's 2018 Benefits Benchmarking Survey

Concentriq’s 2018 Benefits Benchmarking Survey

11 months ago
Industry change combined with a tight labor market and growing millennial workforce are causing asset managers to re-assess the competitiveness of their employee benefit plans. During the second and third quarters of 2018, Concentriq conducted interviews with 43 asset managers across the U.S. to develop a comprehensive benchmarking survey in regards to employee benefits offerings. […]
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Why Headhunting is Dead (or should be)

Why Headhunting is Dead (or should be)

12 months ago
Yes, I realize that statement comes across as somewhat perverse, especially given I own a recruiting firm. If I’m speaking frankly though, like you when I hear the word headhunter it makes me cringe. I inevitably harken back to my most recent car-buying experience where the salesman told me that he had just the car […]
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